Throughout the journey of my life I have collected many wonderful tools to support and empower myself and others and to be able and offer my services in a holistic way that enriches and supports body, mind and spirit for others as well as for myself.
I am an interfaith Minister I am not bound by any path or creed and therefore I am free to create personalised ceremonies that suit an individuals own spiritual belief, need or faith.
Using the words, music, craft or art that are comforting and comfortable to the person that asks me to co-create a ceremony for them.

Ceremonies are a tool to support or mark life transitions and changes.

I co-create a bespoke ceremony for all life events for you and with you. These ceremonies can be for example; Funeral, Legal Wedding (Scotland), Baby naming, Welcoming a child to the family, Adoption. Also Letting-go ceremonies for home or relationships eg. divorce or cleansing and blessing a new home, to help gather the jewels from the past and blessing the new to come.

Every ceremony I create is especially tailored and unique for and with the person or people I work with, in a way that celebrates who they are, what they stand for, and to support nourish and empower them in their life.

For me it is a great honour and joy to be able to support and mark those special events and moments with and for you.

Spiritual Counselling 

I have been receiving this precious wonderful gift of spiritual counselling since studying and continuing to this day. It has helped and nourished me along the way to change my life when needed, to learn to hold myself with loving hands and to have a view of the wholeness within me. For me to be able to offer this counselling to others is a great honour.

In Spiritual Counselling I hold the space for you with deep listening. I walk alongside you, with no judgment and have unconditional positive regard for who you are. Supporting you as you are to connect with the challenges and joys of being you and finding within you the path to explore your wholeness.
I support you to hear your inner wisdom, I hold a vision of your wholeness, with that I journey with you to find the place where you can see that for yourself and hold yourself with loving sight, and to see with those eyes any transformation that may be necessary.

As I have practised holistic therapies, yoga, and mindfulness for the last 30 years I bring skills and tools from Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy, Reiki, Chakra Energy Work, Visualisations, Relaxation techniques, Breath Work, One Brain Kinesiology and use those tools and skills where needed.


I have studied and practiced shiatsu for many years. Shiatsu sessions would be 45 minutes long and I would work on the client fully clothed using acupressure and manipulations.

Shiatsu – In Japanese the word Shi means finger and Atsu means pressure .
Shiatsu, also called acupressure, is an Oriental massage (applied fully clothed) in which the fingers are pressed on particular points of the body to ease aches, pains, tension, fatigue, and symptoms of disease. These points are called Tsubo and they are in specific places in the body. Shiatsu uses the manipulation of the Tsubo to act on the specific places in the body’s skin and muscular system where nerves hurt or feel uncomfortable when the flow of energy through the body is blocked. Manipulating the Tsubo might initially cause pain for the client but soon starts the energy circulating again and relieve the pain. The Tsubo however may not be in the same spot as the source of the complaint and can be far away from the discomfort the client is feeling.

There are 361 Tsubos also called Acupressure points located along the “meridian lines“, the fourteen energy channels through which the body’s energy flows. These channels are invisible but according to Oriental philosophy they exist as surely and definitely as nerves.
Ideally Shiatsu is best used not to cure disease but to maintain health, vitality, and stamina in the body, to strengthen the immune system, and to get the energy of the body flowing in a balanced way. In other words to maintain well-being.

Meditation .

Relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness. Spiritual exploration. Sessions can be arranged, either one-to one or in group.


I have studied received attunement and practising over2 decades to a teacher degree

Reiki is a Beautiful nourishing Ancient healing art.

Reiki is a laying on hands healing system. The act of laying hands on the human or animal body to comfort, to relive pain and discomfort is old as instinct. Receiving Reiki attunement supports the healer to become a vessel to life energy to pass through him or her. It is sharing life force Energy to support well being, healing, balancing and strengthening holistically the immune system as well as the body, mind, emotions and spirit of a human being or animal.

Reiki had transformed many peoples life enriching and bringing rejuvenation joy to many, it opens and nourishes gently, opening and deepening the connection with universal energy, that is within us, and around us. Reiki helps to connect us to all there is, its warm gentle powerful experience that nourishes the whole being .

I offer Reiki sessions 45 minutes, you are lovingly invited to Experience Reiki with me.

Women’s circles

I invite you to join us in the circle,

in a place of nourishing connection where there is no judgment but deep listening and loving presence.

A women’s circle is a supportive environment in which a woman can be heard, held and seen without judgment.

The Circle is a healing place where we can lay all our parts without judgment, where we can let all our inner facets reveal them selves, relax and be present in the world. Its a place where we can rest, remember our strength, our dreams and heal what is asking to be healed.

A circle is a place of self reflection, rejuvenation and feeling safe to share when the time is right. We create a space that is safe to meet one self and others from different walks of life and share inner wisdom.

There might be different activities in the circle like : walks, meditation, creative writing, crafts, singing, ceremonies, wild swimming and movement depending on the circles energy and needs.